A mother cat introduces a gentle German shepherd to her precious kittens

Dogs are incredibly fantastic companions who are kind and loving. Recently, Taras and his partner introduced their German Shepherd puppy to their cat friend’s newborn kittens.

The mama cat was resting on the bed with her kittens in a separate room. Jessie came into the room with the toy in her mouth. She was extremely excited to meet the newborn kittens.

The German Shepherd puppy wanted to look at the kittens and tried to get up on the bed. But he couldn’t get on it, so the owner helped Jesse.

As soon as Jessie climbed onto the bed, she looked curiously at mom and her babies. At first, the new mom was skeptical that the puppy was so close to her babies. However, soon she gave in.

She trusted the German Shepherd puppy and knew Jessie would never hurt her babies. Soon the puppy started to groom the new mom and licked her whole face. Jessie also licked the cat’s ear and tried to make the mom cat comfortable.

The owner petted both the puppy and the mother for a moment. The lady then held the newborn kitten in her palms. Next, she brought the baby close to the German Shepherd so that Jessie was comfortable around the cute furball.

The bond between the German Shepherd, Jessie and the cat mom was incredible. The new mother realized that Jessie was interested in the baby and was not a threat. It showed how much she trusted the German Shepherd.

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