A pregnant sheepdog became homeless, and she had to give birth to puppies in an old garage

And purebred dogs, unfortunately, often become unnecessary for some people.

In fact a pregnant shepherd once ended up on the street ans she was wandered around the area and was looking for a place where she could give birth. In the end, she settled in an old garage. The conditions were terrible, but when it came time to give birth, there was no choice.

So adorable little puppies were born.

At that very time, fortunately Nastasya Kazakova and other caring people learned about the unfortunate dog. A girl named Lily immediately took one of the puppies to herself.Her mother, along with other children, went to a local shelter. Pets began to leave one by one for new homes.

The beautiful Lilya grew by leaps and bounds. She turned out to be completely different from her mother-sheepdog, but the owners are not at all upset. “She is our beauty” people say with admiration.

The dog loves to “sing” when he meets his family members after workday. Probably she “tells” the news. She doesn’t like frost, she prefers to bask in a warm bed instead of walking at sub-zero temperatures.

We hope that the rest of the puppies and the mother sheepdog were as lucky as Lily’s.

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