A puppy named Kevin like all the other pupils, came to the shelter from the street

Most of the dogs that come to the shelter are older dogs. That is who were either born on the street or were once home. The difficulty of finding a family for such dogs lies in many reasons.

One of them is the fear of future owners to get an already established dog into their family members. The one that will allegedly be extremely difficult to retrain new habits and introduce to your lifestyle. Much easier things are with puppies.

It is difficult to attach a dog at any age, especially if it isn’t purebred.

But in this case, there is a strong feeling that the pet won’t stay long in the shelter. Incredible handsome looking for a home. The word «incredible» is far from an exaggeration.

Kevin is only six months old. The kid like all the other pupils.He came to the shelter from the street. But sometimes it seems that Kevin was just unlucky and got lost. The puppy is so beautiful and unusual, therefore it is doubly sad and unfair from the feeling of his loneliness.

Kevin is that very rare specimen of dogs with a chocolate color. Rich brown coat, ears on top and light amber-honey eyes are an incredible mixture. What a handsome Kevin will be when he grows up a little. It will gain athletic power and the muzzle will become more conscious.

There is charm not only in appearance, young and supple age of the puppy, but also in his character. Kevin is a very contact, affectionate and kind little boy. There is no prejudice, no aggression, no embedded negative patterns of behavior in his mind.Kevin is looking for a family!

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