A real heroine. Cat Masha from Obninsk saved the life of a two-month-old baby

Cases when animals save people cause real admiration. Today we will tell you about another heroine, this time a cat. Meet Masha. She became the heroine of not only Russian, but also foreign press. Masha lives in the city of Obninsk in the Kaluga region.

A two-month-old baby was left by unknown persons in the entrance. The nurse Nadezhda Mokhvikova, who lives in the house, heard the desperate meow of a cat. She went out into the entrance, thinking that someone was offending the yard cat Masha. She ran to help the cat.

However, she was shocked to see a child crying in the entrance. It was a boy about two months old. The baby was clean, neat, well-dressed, and next to him was a bag with expensive diapers and a bottle of formula. Masha meowed in dismay nearby and did everything to calm the baby. Before that, she warmed the baby until he woke up.


When the ambulance arrived, Masha, meowing, ran after the driver and even wanted to jump into the car, but she was not allowed and she looked after them for a long time. The cat sat in the box and missed for the child.

After this incident, many wanted to take such a miracle as Masha, even abroad there were those who wanted to. But the inhabitants of this very entrance took her, and when her kittens grew up, they were quickly taken apart. The child was perfectly healthy. Families from different countries also wanted to adopt him, but he ended up in a family from Russia, but details are not reported for ethical reasons.

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