A red kitten that will never grow into a big cat is still happy in his family

Widdle is a phenomenon. His owner Sherry, despite being an experienced veterinary clinic nurse, still couldn’t figure out the cause of this baby’s anomaly.

And none of the fellow doctors could say anything intelligible after a series of examinations. One thing is clear: Widdle practically does not grow, the kitten remains a kitten in size.

He is already about six months old, but the size you can see for yourself, kitten. First, Widdle and his squealing fur ball, including his siblings, end up at Nurse Sherry’s house.

All kittens were on average 6 weeks old, they already ate on their own, and Sherry took them to her place to get used to human habitation. Widdle already then stood out thinness, was one and a half times smaller than his brothers.

For example, here he is with brother Chubs, guess who is where?

A month passed, the second, and the cubs grew up safely. Everyone except Widdle. It was then that it became clear that something was wrong with the kitten. But what? There is no answer so far.

Fortunately for Widdle himself, his brain developed correctly, so we have a fully grown cat in the body of a kitten. Being energetic and courageous since childhood, Widdle quickly figured out what was what. And he began to exploit his “gift”!

Without a doubt, Widdle is a little red-haired king. He goes where he wants, does what he wants and everyone likes it!

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