A rescue kitten follows the family’s senior dog like a puppy

Motherhood is important not only for humans but also for all animals. So being a mom for Bailey, a senior dog, was a blessing and not just a title. Arthur, her rescuer (now owner), had earlier rescued her from a dog breeder.

The poor animal was used as a source to give birth to many litters of cubs. Later, Bailey’s babies were taken away from her. But, now a senior dog, Bailey still had a caring nature. In fact, she recently proved that she still had the qualities of a real mother.

Bailey’s family moved to the countryside and noticed that a stray cat lived behind their house. The family left some food outside to test if they were right in their guess.

Arthur and his family didn’t find any trace of any animal. However, they did not know that their pet dog was busy investigating the same thing as them.Everyone in the house knew Bailey was up to something, but they couldn’t figure it out.

But one day, when the owners took a look out their window, they found something they didn’t expect. Bailey was snuggling with a tabby cat. The two of them were sitting on the porch, and it felt like the couple was enjoying each other’s company.

As their family dog ​​had taken a liking to the cat, Arthur decided to take the stray kitten in. The owners decided to call the kitten «Kitten-Kitten». The tabby cat now had a home, and she eventually warmed up to her new family.

The little cat was safe now and followed the dog, Bailey, like a puppy. It didn’t matter that “Kitten-Kitten” was a feline for Bailey. The senior dog was now a full-time mother, something she could never experience before.

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