A rescued squirrel doesn’t fall asleep without her teddy bear friend. Just look how cute it is

Today I will introduce you to the cutest squirrel named Jill. She is 9 years old and was rescued with great difficulty during Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.

In addition, Jill is a real Instagram star with over 630 thousand followers worldwide.

According to her profile, you can find out that the squirrel is a vegetarian and is very afraid of the vacuum cleaner. And most importantly, she has a pet — a tiny teddy bear, without which she simply refuses to fall asleep.

Also, our heroine is accustomed to the tray, loves fashion and being photographed. So her page will be more exciting than that of many celebrities who have had time to get fed up.

During a hurricane, a newborn squirrel fell from the nest and her current owners decided to give her temporary shelter. However, they got along so well together that Jill stayed in the house forever and looks more than satisfied.

As soon as sleep time comes, she must make sure that she holds the bear in her small paws. By the way, we note that sleep is one of Jill’s favorite activities.

When she is awake, she follows her Instagram, which updates regularly. Are you subscribed to the page of our charming heroine?

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