A rescuer performs CPR on a kitten after being pulled out of the water

Kitty Millie was in the water at a depth of 2.5 meters. The baby fell into a drainpipe near the house and got stuck in it. The man heard the mournful cry of the crumbs. He called the rescuers for help.

The specialists did their best to get Millie out. Rescuers even gave the baby artificial respiration. The rescue operation lasted several hours.

On April 5, Millie and three other kittens miraculously made their way to an open drainpipe. Of all the survivors, only Millie remained alive, the rest of the seals drowned. While people were working, the kitty continuously called for help with her thin voice.

Mike, who worked in a hardware store, quickly built a contraption that helped catch the kitty.

When they tried to get the poor sufferer out of the pipe, she cried, but then the sounds suddenly died down.

“Stay with me, I beg you, stay here. God, let her live! Not a single sound is heard.»

The kitty was no longer breathing when they pulled her out of the water. Millie was given artificial respiration and taken to the vet.

The kitty quickly came to her senses, despite the fact that she had recently been on the verge of death. Millie was in the medical center until her condition became stable. Today, the animal rescue organization took the baby and gave it to the new owners.

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