A sick kitten with knocked out teeth and a cat abandoned in the country house accidentally met a man who changed their lives

“I have three cats! And all black!” Elena Melnikova says proudly.

This story began with the appearance of the first cat named Bagoshka about five years ago. The cat’s story is sad, but this happens often. She was born in a garden community and at the end of the summer season she was abandoned there.

Who knows how she ended up near the metro station, where Lena found her. The girl had to treat Bagoshka for a large number of different diseases for a long time, but she managed.

The second cat in the girl’s family was a Maine Coon named Felix, whom she had long dreamed of. A huge cat with excellent appetite has become another favorite.

They didn’t plan to have a third cat. Elena and her family were even against it, considering that three animals is already too much.

However, people’s hearts trembled when they heard about a wild kitten that was in trouble.The pet’s front teeth were broken, the baby suffered from lichen and calcevirus.

However, Lena’s family wasn’t afraid to capture the wild kitten and take it home. The treatment was long and difficult, but again the girl coped with all the difficulties.

Now Elena has three black cats at home, who will not let anyone get bored!

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