A socially awkward dog likes to be with only one woman in the world

Woofy is a socially awkward dog that is only really comfortable with her mom and best friend, Jenna. It was a perfect relationship because Woofy reminds Jenna of herself.

Woofy likes to sit on the couch like a human and only enjoys the company of a select people.

In general, Woofy is a quiet dog who does not like to talk to anyone. She came into Jenna’s life after her sister saw someone online trying to find Woofy a new home.

Jenna has always wanted a service dog because she has struggled with anxiety her entire life. A dog would bring him great comfort, and that’s what Woofy does for him.

What Jenna didn’t foresee was that Woofy would need her just as much. Woofy is nervous around new people and prefers to be around Jenna all the time.

It’s hard for Jenna to leave Woofy with someone else because she doesn’t like staying with other people. Jenna will give Woofy clothes that smell like her, so she becomes less anxious if they are apart.

Jenna knows that she needs Woofy as much as Woofy needs her. They saved each other, and she’s grateful that she’ll be happy when she gets home.

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