A tiny fluffy, frozen from the cold was sitting in a box and meowed plaintively

The woman noticed this kitten in the bushes, the baby was lying in a box.

The kitten was still quite small, he was frozen and clearly hungry. To get attention, the kitten cried plaintively. As it turned out, the baby could not get out of the box on his own, because his hind legs did not work and he could only move by crawling, dragging them behind him.

The baby was taken to Valentina, and the first thing she fed him. The kitten ate greedily, as if he had not eaten food for more than one day. A good appetite in such a situation was perceived by Valentina as a good sign.

While the kitten was eating, he was shaking all the time, either from hunger, or from the fact that he was afraid that food would be taken from him.

After that, the baby was put to bed, wrapped in a warm blanket and placed next to a bottle of hot water, which served him as a warmer.

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