A two-month-old puppy was crying under a bench in the cold, dreaming of warmth and love.

At first, Tatyana thought that she heard a barely perceptible squeak. But then the sound came back! The girl who went for a walk with her family immediately became alert.

People listened, and the plaintive squeak was repeated again. “It can only be a puppy!” they thought. Without a moment’s hesitation, everyone went in search of the crumbs.

The indifference of people was also spurred on by the fact that on the Kharkov streets was frost that evening.

Soon the crybaby was found! The baby hid under the bench,as if it were warmer there. She looked about two months old, and Tatyana immediately took the pet in her arms, put it under her jacket and carried it home. It seems to the girl that her family found a half-breed Rottweiler that evening.

The baby is still at Tanya’s house. She bathed the puppy, treated it for parasites and worms, and fed it well. The baby is surprisingly sweet, contact and very, very kind.

And, of course, Tatyana does not lose hope of placing her pet in responsible hands. She is sure that such a beauty deserves the best life!

Let’s wish the puppy to meet a loving person as soon as possible!

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