A useless dog wandered along the highway, but only one case changed its fate

Nikolai and his wife were driving a car and suddenly on the side of the road, at the busiest time when there were a lot of cars, they noticed a homeless dog that remained by the side of the road and didn’t even try to move away, but it was real the threat of falling under the wheels.

The guy slowed down and approached the animal. The poor thing was shaking from the cold. The couple treated her to the food they had on hand and put her in their car in the back seat, wrapping her in a warm blanket so that she could warm up on the way.

They began to think what to do with her, as it was clear that if she remained on the road, she wouldn’t last long.

At first they took her to the veterinarian and there it turned out that the dog was completely blind and she lost her sight due to a strong blow to the head.

The couple already had a pet, the dog Arthur, but they were very sorry for this dog and they left her to live with them. They gave her the nickname Yara and care, love, proper care made her a real beauty.

She became very attached to the new home and owners and made great friends with Arthur, and very soon they had incredibly cute cubs, and Yara ended up to be a very caring mother.

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