A wild turkey makes its new home with a loving couple

If you’ve adopted a cat or dog, you know how it can sometimes feel like they chose you. Jim and Lisa had a similar experience with their turkey, Pepper.

A year before this video debuted, Pepper arrived on Jim and Lisa’s property. At first, the turkey was interested in the couple, but after a few weeks it became clear that he had no intention of leaving.

The couple knew it was cold where they lived, so they decided to build Pepper a more permanent place on their property. “We decided to build Pepper her own house,” said Jim.

“During the construction, Pepper would micromanage my work every step of the way,” Jim said. Every time her adoptive father went to work, Pepper made sure to watch the process.

Jim worked five weekends in the freezing cold to give Pepper a unique turkey-worthy coop. “The coop then transformed into what is now known as Pepper’s Palace,” Jim said.

Pepper’s Palace had everything a turkey could want. They gave her space to play, toys, a ramp to an indoor outdoor area, and more. “She realizes. This is mine,’” said Lisa.

Jim and Lisa couldn’t be happier for their new feather baby. “Everybody looks at it like we saved this bird,” said Lisa. “But in all honesty, she has saved me.”

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