A woman noticed a shabby kitten who was collecting leftovers

The woman came to Dubai for a short time, and literally the day before departure, she noticed a small homeless kitten in one of the districts. The baby lived among the garbage, collected scraps, and looked very sad.

The shabby, dirty poor man lived among the garbage, but was very kind and affectionate when the woman approached him. She didn’t have much time, and in the evening she returned to the same place.She brought a box of blankets to the cat and at the same time contacting local rescuers.

Animal rescuers from Thestreetkittens organization responded to the girl’s request. The kitten was taken to an overexposure, where they began to take good care of him. The kid was very thin, weak.He needed to restore his health but despite this, he gave his guardians a lot of love and affection.

The baby was named Alvin. The kitten’s guardians posted his photo and story on social networks so that when he recovers, they can find owners for him. His photographs were accidentally seen by a resident of the UK named Claire. She fell in love with a kitten and wanted to take him to her, and give him a lot of love.

Claire proposed her husband to take the baby, but he flatly refused, because they already had several animals.But the woman couldn’t forget those sweet eyes. Once she decided to write to the shelter, if the kitten had been taken away.And having learned that they were still looking for owners for him, she didn’t hesitate to draw up documents for him.

When Alvin recovered, he was prepared and flown to his new owners by plane from Dubai to the UK. Claire was overjoyed and informed her husband of the new family member almost on the spot.

«I wrote to my husband that that adorable kitten is flying to us from Dubai ! He replied:» My God .. «-said Claire. As a result, she and her husband happily met Alvin.

The baby quickly got used to the new house. The owners immediately fell in love with this fluffy with all their hearts.He turned out to be a very sweet, gentle and playful creature.

Now Alvin is happy and continues to explore every corner of the house, play and enjoy a new life.


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