A woman’s timid chipmunk friend learns to choose her battles

A Canadian woman living near a lake, an ideal environment for interacting with wildlife, approached several squirrels living in the area. So she used to explore the entire site and named her chipmunk friends.

Jenny, the oldest squirrel, was 5-6 years old, while Terry was the youngest squirrel (1 year old). The third squirrel, whose name was Wally, was the most mischievous of the lot. However, the woman was not sure about Wally’s age.

Jenny didn’t visit her human friend so often. So, the woman offered the chipmunk, both fruits and seeds.However, when she started eating, Wally decided to push Jenny out. The panicky chipmunk ate all the fruit seeds but left the fruits as they did not have mealworms in them.

Wally was no longer interested in the fruits, so she sat on top of the fruit bowl and ate the seeds. On the other hand, Terry’s mouth was full, but he continued to pour the seeds.

The human friend of the chipmunks decided that she would help the timid senior chipmunk to have the best meal. So he brought the fruit box to Jenny, which had the mealworms.

Jenny picked the mealworms from the fruit. The tasty fruits these chipmunks were obsessed with were strawberries and apples. Despite her age, Jenny was energetic. First, she happily ate the strawberry, and later Terry ate the apple.

Terry and Jenny took chances at finishing off the delicious apple. Jenny’s human friend was worried that she would be weak and timid with age, but she knew how to live her life with great enthusiasm.

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