A wounded, abandoned dog was saved by a policewoman and became the new mistress of the baby

Sarah Rogers was on duty that day and suddenly the bell rang, announcing the wound of the dog. She quickly went to the address and picked up a helpless, injured dog, which was abandoned by the owners.

The police officers made attempts to find the owners of the dog, but this did not lead to any results. The girl sat next to the baby until the animal rescue service arrived at the scene.

She realized that she couldn’t leave the baby in this state and she decided to take him away temporarily, and at the same time she would look for a new home for the baby. Gradually, Sarah and the foundling began to get used to each other very much.

They regularly walked together.She took him to work and they could no longer imagine life without each other. She was very afraid that the dog would feel lonely and did everything to help him.

Since the former owners were never found, they found new ones. And when potential new owners had already arrived for him, Sarah realized that she was unable to refuse this miracle.

And then she decided that the dog would stay with her forever and gave him the nickname Ray, and the police department told about this touching story on his page on the Facebook social network and the picture of this duet began to spread throughout the global web.

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