A wounded sea lion climbs onto boat and asks humans for help

Recently, filmmaker Hugo Zuchaud and his friends were enjoying their free time on his yacht off the coast of United States. But, then, all the men suddenly found a strange creature swimming towards them.

The group of friends never imagined that they would ever meet an adorable sea lion. Instead, the animal would like to join them on their yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Hugo’s boat was near the shore when he saw the little pup swimming towards them. When the little boy approached the yacht, he desperately tried to climb it.

She tried to climb the stairs of the yacht on her own. Even the men encouraged her to do it. After the baby sea lion climbed into the boat, she looked around everywhere.

The poor baby sea lion looked malnourished, and it seemed as if she was asking for some food. Soon the kind men noticed that the little cub was also injured.The sea lion, later named Amber, was brilliant because it was a good decision for her to ask for help. It was also awe-inspiring how the innocent pup knew how to use the ladder to climb up into the boat.

Amber was taken to the Pacific Mammal Center in Laguna Beach by the marine patrol team to get the necessary help needed for her to heal. Soon she was released back to the ocean months later.

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