A yellow cat has gained popularity on the social network.What is wrong with him and why is he always in that color

Thammapa Sumapas lives in Thailand. The woman has a cat Ka-Pwong with snow-white hair. One day, the hostess noticed an unusual spot on the paw of the animal, which she mistook for lichen. There was no wool at the spot and a crust formed on the skin. The hostess understood that her pet needed to see a veterinarian.But the fact is that Ka-Pwong was very afraid of clinics and doctors, and also does not tolerate treatment well.

Tammapa decided to resort to traditional medicine, but since she herself did not understand it, she asked her mother what she should do. The woman lived in a small village where people are used to coping with their problems on their own, so she immediately told her daughter what to do.

The woman began to regularly treat the affected area with turmeric. This spice is very popular in Asia.It is used not only to give additional taste and color to food, but also as an antiseptic. His owner applied gruel from turmeric powder to the cat’s wound, but soon she noticed that bald patches of skin with a crust began to spread over the cat’s body. Tammapa decided that to solve the problem, it is worth treating the cat completely. For a long time, the cat suffered daily an unpleasant procedure for him.

So the unusual crusts began to disappear. After the procedure, it turned out that turmeric had eaten into the coat, coloring it yellow. Even regular washing did not help, the cat’s hair did not become white.

She did not dare to use any chemicals that would help to cope with this problem, because they could have a bad effect on the health of the cat.So Ka-Pwong remained a bright yellow color.

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