Abandoned puppy rushed to kiss the people who saved him, already desperate

A homeless dog, which was simply thrown out into the street, was accidentally found. She was tied to a fence and the area was already flooded with water.

It happened in a small British town and the man went out for a walk with his pet and that’s when he saw the poor animal.

The man could not remain indifferent and helped the dog Nelly. He brought her to land. The dog was frightened and soaked through, she needed to be helped immediately.

The man contacted the rescue service and the staff quickly arrived at the scene. They were shocked by what they saw, but they were also surprised when the poor thing met them with great kindness.

As soon as they approached, Nelly threw herself into their arms, began to kiss and wag her tail, showing her gratitude. The dog injured one paw and an infection entered there, which was not new, which means that the unfortunate woman suffered for a long time.


It was also clear that she had recently become a mother, but the cubs were not visible.

The charitable organization allocated money for Nelly’s treatment and, unfortunately, the paw was forced to amputate. Nelly recovered and stopped experiencing the pain that she suffered for so long.

At the same time, she remained the same kind and sympathetic and adores people, never ceasing to thank them. After the final recovery, Nelly will find a permanent home.

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