Abandoned puppy was dressed up with his best costume at the shelter to welcome his new owners, but pitifully never met them

Dogs are loyal and kindhearted animals. All dogs dream about such an owner who gives love and attention, and takes care of them.
And once there was a little shelter puppy who thought it was his day to move to a new warm family.

And dressed in a tuxedo to welcome his new owner for that event. Then he was just 3-month old, an innocent puppy who was waiting for his turn to go with glittering eyes.

But unluckily the contract failed, because the person came round and did not come to the shelter.
Poor little Vicente was disappointed! The shelter team was also sad and thoughtful.

This story appeared on the internet and many users also expressed their sympathy and wished the puppy to be adopted as soon as possible.

Many of them even wanted to be in charge of his care.

But this time the staff of Rescatame Foundation decided not to give the adoption to no one until they were sure that a real warmhearted and loving person would appear.

So finally after thoroughly examining the staff found a safe hand for Vicente. This time he had that much awaited warm home forever.
Besides, the shelter staff also made the followers informed that Vicente was already living with an amazing family.

This story inspires many people to go and adopt their adorable creatures, because there are many pets like Vicente who are waiting for their turn.

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