Adopted dog is still grateful to have his own food bowl and sleeps with it every night

Every time you think of a pet, don’t buy it, adopt it!

This touching story is about a former homeless dog who is inseparable from his food bowl. The pup even sleeps with it every night.

Neville was 10 years old when Susanne adopted him. He was in a terrible state with rotten teeth. It’s possible that he was used for breeding.

When the woman first saw the puppy, she knew she needed to adopt him. She spent three hours outside the shelter to make sure she was the first to get interested in the dog.

But what surprised Suzanne was that the dog initially fought over food with the woman’s other adopted pets.He did not know that he had his own plate. He had never seen care before.

Gradually, Susanne taught Neville to eat from his own bowl. It was the time when the pup realized what a dear thing is his bowl that is always full. He started to sleep with it.

Years passed, but Neville did not give up the habit of sleeping with his plate! This is a dog that is grateful for the elementary thing, the food he gets every day.

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