Adults offended a homeless dog for protecting children

Dasha was abandoned by her owners when she was still very young. The puppy was thrown into a high-rise building. Dasha turned out to be affectionate and sociable and quickly became friends with all the local kids. The children fed the dog, she was a participant in all their games, and also protected the kids, as soon as she suspected that they were in danger. Dasha stayed in the yard for several months.

Adults treated Dasha differently, some were glad that the children had a four-legged friend, others, on the contrary, did not want to see a stray dog next to their children and drove her away, not infrequently, throwing stones at her. Dasha did not understand at all why she was offended, because she behaved well and did not expect bad things in return. Dasha did not rush at anyone and did not even bark, except perhaps at strangers who appeared in the yard.

Even when Dasha was driven away, she still returned to the yard, because she had no idea how to live without her beloved children.

One day something happened that could not have been expected.

Dasha, as always, was outside, but this time she was sitting still and shaking. When someone approached her, the dog began to whine and flatten its ears, as if showing that it needed help. The children said that their pet was offended by an adult when she tried to protect them from a stranger. The children could not really explain what the stranger had done to their pet, but the dog did not get up, it was clear that she was in pain. After this story, it is strange to hear that dogs are a threat to children. Dasha wanted to protect her children and ended up hurting herself.

One of the girls living in the house took Dasha to the clinic, where she was helped.

It turned out that her paw was badly injured. You can’t send Dasha out on the street again, there she simply has no chance to recover, and no one guarantees that what happened to her will not happen again, but with a more difficult outcome.

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