After his dog passed away, he began to rescue older dogs that were abandoned

Steve Greig could not recover for a long time, even months after his beloved pet left this world, and it was with this pain that he decided that he wanted to change the situation for the better.

He wanted to give dogs in old age the best life they undoubtedly deserve, because it is at age that they become so vulnerable and touching.


And so he adopted a 12-year-old Chihuahua with severe health problems who would have virtually no chance of living out her allotted time in a home with her owners.

But it didn’t end there, on the contrary, it was just beginning. He gave preference to dogs that had almost no chance of finding owners and provided them with a roof over their heads, love and care.

Now he is, one might say, a loving dad, who, moreover, is incredibly busy, because in addition to the rescued dogs, turkeys, chickens and pigs also live in his yard.

A man wakes up very early every day, almost from five in the morning, to prepare food for his family of animals. This becomes more difficult given the difference in the diets of each of them.

After that, his schedule is filled with trips to the veterinary clinic, walks in the fresh air and just love and hugs.

The man assures that not only people, but also animals become wiser with age and it is very interesting to communicate with them.

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