After several years of searching for each other, they reunited

This story is able to touch even the most callous. The dog disappeared for several years, but then met its owner again. The moment of the meeting was so touching that even bystanders couldn’t help crying.

Volunteers found an emaciated dog on the street. It was decided to write about her on social networks and publish a photo in order to find new owners for her as soon as possible. The dog was not only very thin, she had various diseases, so no one wanted to take her into their home.

Volunteers began to understand that it wouldn’t be possible to quickly find a new home for the animal, when suddenly a call came from a woman. On the phone, the woman said that a few years ago she lost a dog, very similar to the photo posted on social networks.

The shelter staff were skeptical that their new ward could be the woman’s pet, lost several years ago, but however arranged a meeting for a person and an animal.

All doubts receded as soon as the dog noticed the woman. The animal immediately ran up to its mistress and showed with all its might how glad it was to see her. It was impossible to watch this meeting without tears.

This story is a bright illustration of the fact that you shouldn’t lose faith ahead of time. Women and her pet found each other and now the dog will start a completely different life, in which she will have comfort, care and love.

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