After the loss of her best friend energetic four kittens make the big dog happy again

An old dog was sad for a long time after the loss of his beautiful cat companion. She was sad for a long time and was really lonely until the moment when the owners took four kittens from the shelter.

Flora, that’s the name of the Alaskan Malamute, was quite strongly attached to the cat Dexter. For two years, the pets lived in perfect harmony, however, at the age of 22, Dexter passed away.

In order for Flora to no longer be sad, the owners took 2 cats from the shelter, but she did not manage to get along with them.

At the beginning of the last month of summer, Jill William, the owner of the dog, brought 4 babies to her house to show the babies what real care is.

Jill gave the kittens names: Iggy, Bowie, Roxy and Glamour. These kittens loved to play and had an unprecedented level of curiosity. When the moment came for the kittens to meet Flora, one of the babies came up in the dog and, without any fear, began to sniff.

Flora herself was very impressed with both the kittens themselves and their behavior.

Now the kittens always follow Flora and spend a lot of time around her, probably thinking that Flora is their mother. It was the kittens who managed to fill the void after Dexter left Flora.

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