All winter «Dog Robinson» lived on a desert island

A 4-year-old blue heeler named Sophie was found alive and well after 4 months.She was swept off the side of a sailboat by a wave.

All this time Sophie lived on the small uninhabited island of St. Biz (Isle of the Holy Bees), off the northern coast of Australia. Despite the stormy weather, the dog was able to swim about 10 kilometers. She was accidentally stumbled upon by caretakers from Queensland.

Apparently Sophie lived on two islands — St. Biz and Keswick, separated by a narrow strait.And from time to time swam from one island to another. She ate fish and wild goats. On one of the islands, were found several gnawed skeletons of young goats .

Seeing the dog on a desert island, at first the caretakers thought they had stumbled upon a wild dog. But in Sophie despite her shabby appearance, the breed was visible.

The Queensland authorities published an announcement that a dog had been found in an uninhabited area.And soon Sophie’s owners, the Griffith family, were found. “We called the dog by name and she started whining, rubbing against our legs like crazy,” said the happy couple.

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