American man marries his own cat

Humanity has been getting strange lately. Or maybe we just have the opportunity to follow the quirks of different people on the global Web. A vivid example of modern eccentricity is the hero of our today’s history.

A man living in Santa Monica, California arranged a wedding with his own cat.

Six years ago, Scott Perry had a girlfriend with whom he lived in the same apartment. Together they adopted a cat from the shelter, which they named Olivia. However, the couple lived together for only a year and broke up. Scott suffered a lot because of the breakup, and all this time the faithful Olivia was there and supported in difficult moments.

Also, the cat helped him cope with the blues during self-isolation. He worked remotely during quarantine, and the cat allowed him not to get bored completely.

And in the spring, he decided that it might be worth marrying the charming Olivia, because they had gone through so many difficulties together. The man even opened a website in honor of this ceremony. In the future, the celebration was held in the live broadcast mode and everyone could donate funds for the California shelter, from which the wonderful Olivia was once taken.

And how do you feel about such eccentricities? Write your opinion in the comments, it will be very interesting to discuss different points of view.

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