An abandoned dog was sad at the shelter until a girl noticed her. Now on the pet’s face only a «smile»

Sadie is a blue-eyed doggy with a funny “smile”, which was left without owners. It’s hard to believe, but someone decided to give up such a beautiful dog, leaving her to the mercy of fate.

It isn’t known how long the baby wandered the streets but when she was picked up, she looked like a bag of bones.

Someone noticed the cute dog and brought it to Kern County Animal Services. It was there that the future mistress noticed Sadie.

A girl named Elizabeth saw our heroine and could no longer part with her.

So a glorious dog was in the house of a new mistress.Sadie was friendly. She got along well with everyone in the household and made friends with another dog who already lived in Elizabeth’s house.

The owner says that the pet is very fond of life and everyone who meets her on the way. She simply adores the children who come to Elizabeth with her relative. At such moments, everyone lays down on the carpet and plays, without noticing the time.

Sadie also loves walking, especially long distances. At such moments, her eyes simply glow with happiness and a funny “smile” appears on her muzzle.

No matter where the hostess goes beach or mountains, forest or park the four-legged companion is sure to join.

If we talk about her favorite food, then Sadie’s is cheese. She just loves different varieties that she is ready to taste with Elizabeth. The hostess jokingly calls her a «cheese connoisseur» because the pet will never refuse a slice of yummy.

Elizabeth considers herself very lucky to have met Sadie, as she made the girl’s life happy. In turn, the hostess also brought good luck to the dog, because it isn’t known how the fate of the pet would have been if not Elizabeth.

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