An elderly cat looked with hope into the eyes of passers-by

This elderly cat in a sad state was noticed on the streets. Despite the fact that the old woman lived on the street for many years, she turned out to be very sweet, affectionate, and with a good heart.

A homeless elderly cat was picked up on the street in Arlington, USA. The cat was thin, dirty.There were a lot of tangles on her coat, but she didn’t lose trust in people despite the difficult life. Good people paid attention to her and decided to help.

The cat was taken to the local AWLA shelter where she was taken care of right away. She was found to have some health problems, but immediately began to recover. The cat turned out to be very sweet, kind and affectionate.And to tell the truth wasn’t at all typical for a street animal. She was given the nickname Roberta.

Unfortunately, due to the development of the brain, Roberta shakes when walking and she has problems with coordination. But this beauty doesn’t care about anything.She feels great, plays, and asks for affection from her guardian. The feature doesn’t affect her quality of life in any way.

The cat was recently introduced to the guardian’s pet dog, Kona. They immediately became friends, and it was very interesting for these two to spend time together. A few days later, two friends hugged and slept side by side, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Now they are looking for permanent owners for Roberta. According to the guardian, this elderly beauty is a very sweet and gentle creature that deserves the greatest love. We wish Roberta to find the best owners .

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