An elderly husky came up with a cute way to ask for attention from passers-by

The favorite activity of an elderly husky named Heim is to sit by the footpath, and with all appearances ask passersby for attention and affection. Look at this miracle!

The dog just loves to sit near the path on the waterfront of the city of Richmond, where there are enough passers-by and joggers. Most passers-by immediately pay attention to her and greet her and Heim is only glad for such attention. According to the owner, he is already accustomed to this feature of his dog.

The owner took Heim as a small puppy from a shelter. He often takes her with him to new places and takes her on bike rides.The dog is always happy with such trips. «In her old age, Heim is a very gentle creature, so she is only happy to receive the attention of passers-by,» says the owner.

This is such a fluffy miracle!

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