An emaciated dog appeared on the porch of the summer house, which was chased away, but he didn’t leave

The Kapitonov family did not plan to get a dog in any way, however, one incident changed everything. Once a emaciated, hungry dog wandered into their dacha. It had a collar around its neck, but the animal apparently roamed the streets.

They wanted to drive the dog away or look for the former owners, but it was to no avail.The dog continued to sit on the porch with his muzzle drooping, as if from sorrow. Throughout the day, the dog sat on the doorstep and in the evening the family returned back to the city.

However, the very next day the hostess wanted to go to the summer house again to feed the dog. The couple went there and they saw that the dog was still sitting and not leaving, as if waiting for something. Husband and wife consulted and decided to take him to the city.

They named the dog Wally, however then the story was far from rosy. Suddenly, the animal became ill and the condition worsened day by day. The man took the dog to the best veterinarians, he had to remove his teeth but this did not help much.

Finally, they found a doctor who was not mistaken with the diagnosis. The dog had distemper and was advised to be euthanized, but the couple categorically refused and continued to fight. The dog took droppers, fed him through force, but he still lost weight.

However, the efforts weren’t in vain and the dog recovered. Now it is a completely healthy animal, the weight has increased by 15 kilos.

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