An old, 18-year-old cat was taken to a shelter, but there was a person who gave him happiness

When the Tuxedo cat celebrated his 18th birthday, his owner did not need him, as he ceased to be cheerful and funny and required more care, so he did not find anything better than taking him to a shelter.

The shelter staff, of course, knew that it is almost impossible for animals at this age to find owners. However, just in case, the staff still posted about Tuxedo on the shelter’s social media page.

What was their surprise when the cat still found an owner. It turned out to be a man named Tim Adams, who already had one elderly cat, who was looking for an owner.

When he came across a picture of a downcast Tuxedo on the social networks, it touched his soul and he decided to provide this elderly cat with a decent old age. The cat had a very affectionate and friendly disposition, he was kind and sociable, he loves to sit on his owner’s lap.

And recently, Tuxedo celebrated its 20th anniversary, a real feline long-liver. He is surrounded by love and care and is very healthy for his age and may live for several more years. And we will thank the noble person who gave happiness to this purr.

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