Angry cockatoo throws a priceless tantrum when it’s time for bed

You know Cockatoos right? So they are very similar to parrots, although they have fewer colors than parrots. But they make up for their lack of color with their beautiful characters.

They are considered one of the most intelligent birds. They are surprisingly good at solving complex puzzles. Like many parrots, they can imitate people and their speech. And they can pick up a good glossary over the years.

This is a cockatoo Pebble. For 20 years of his life, he lived in 10 different houses.And this is very difficult for such a bird that craves a long relationship.

In the end, she has a permanent home, but she is still in the process of adjusting. Thus, she could find her way out of her cage, and nothing could make her go back. We mentioned above that she is really smart.

So she listened to her parent and did not mind her words, to put it mildly, did not bother. Maybe you will need headphones to put them on. We inform you that it will be difficult to keep a straight face.

We are all so happy for her that she finally found such a wonderful family and such a sweet dad. We do not know where she learned this language, and rightly said that we do not need to know this.

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