At night when the pregnant girl became ill her dog was there

As soon as the dogs Thor and Sherman realized that their mistress was pregnant, they became even more attentive to the girl. Pets didn’t leave her a single step and their protective instincts reached a new level.

Sometimes it seems to Tiffany that the animals found out about the pregnancy before she herself.Corgi Thor followed the girl from room to room. He was very diligent in spying on his human mother, and even at night came to check on how she was feeling.

When the situation got out of control and the girl felt bad in the middle of the night the dog was there.

The girl went to the hospital where she had an emergency caesarean section. Two twin girls were born, however, a little earlier than planned. For some time the babies were in the intensive care unit and only later they went home with their mother.

Thor and Sherman were very excited because they knew for sure that they had replenishment.

While Tiffany was in the hospital with the children the pets brought a blanket to cover the little ones. The owners thought it would be nice if the dogs got used to the smell of girls before they even entered the house.

As soon as the girl returned home with her daughters Thor didn’t leave the babies a single step.He was completely delighted.

Corgi even now categorically refuses to let the twins out of sight. Thor helps the owners looking after the little ones every minute. He even brings them his toys and tries to share food. By the way Sherman doesn’t lag behind his four-legged friend and watch the babies with all his eyes.

When the girls grow up, they will already have two of the most devoted and faithful friends. However, they already have them and this will continue as long as the pets are alive.

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