At the shelter, the boy chose the saddest cat

Ahri saw that there was a great sadness in the animal’s eyes. The cat sat away from other animals, as if he knew that no one would want to take him home.

The boy Ari has long persuaded his parents to have a cat. The adults hesitated for a long time, but finally agreed. The parents took the boy to the shelter so that he could choose his own pet, they were very surprised that the boy’s choice fell on an elderly animal that did not stand out from a dozen other cats.

Ari told his mother that the cat had very sad eyes. The cat sat away from people and other cats, because he understood that due to his age, his chances of finding a family are very small.

Surprisingly, Ari and the cat quickly became friends. When he got closer to the people, it became clear that the animal had many wounds received during a homeless life. Despite the imperfect appearance of Big, that is the name of the cat, Ari did not change his mind and insisted on taking home this particular animal.

The family went to the shelter for a small kitten and returned home with the old cat Big. At first, Big was wary of people and a new home, but gradually he got used to it and got used to it. Mutual understanding arose between the boy and the cat from the first day, which only grew every day.

Big is completely used to the new family, sadness left his eyes. Most of all, the cat became attached to Ari and sometimes behaves with the child as if for a while it becomes a small playful kitten. Ari’s mom says that Big is the most loyal and affectionate animal she has ever seen.

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