Baby chimpanzees help a dying puppy become a brand new dog

Jenny and Jimmy Desmon founded the Liberian Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection Organization to save the animals in West Africa.Then, one day, as Jenny was driving with her team of volunteers in a remote village, she noticed a sick puppy, Snafu.

The little one was in dire need of medical attention. Jenny drove the puppy back to the animal shelter, where her husband, Jimmy, gave Snaf the medical attention he needed.However, the animal was in bad condition.

Snafu was starving and had ticks and fleas all over his body. Besides, his body had several infections and therefore the duo had to keep a close watch. However, Jimmy was sure that the puppy would survive.

Within days, Snafu’s eyes brightened and his skin began to look normal. Finally, it was time for the puppy to be introduced to the sanctuary chimpanzees. The couple was unsure how the other animals would react to the new addition to their family.

However, to their surprise, the baby chimpanzees immediately fell in love with the puppy, Snafu. They became the puppy’s playmate and hugged the little one as if he was their own baby.

Snafu was more prominent because of his size, and chimpanzees could only keep a watch on him but no longer hold him in their arms and cuddle him. Finally, after Snafu was fully recovered, Jenny decided to find him a forever home.

Jenny contacted her nieces and asked them if they would be interested in adopting two of her dogs. Soon, Snafu moved to Colorado and now lives with his father and two sisters. The pup got a second chance to live thanks to the chimpanzees cubs and the owners of the shelter.

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