Beaver named Justin : a rodent that builds dams right in the owner’s house

If you think that the beaver lives exclusively in the forest near the river, you are wrong! Animal care specialist Bridget is ready to prove that this charming rodent can easily adapt to a human dwelling.

True, the owner will definitely not be bored with him: the beaver is full of surprises and is always in the mood to play pranks!

Builder is a thief

In the life of Bridget, an unusual pet arose by chance. For some reason, the baby was without a mother, and the orphan had to be urgently rescued.

Since the beaver was too small, the woman decided that leaving him in a wildlife rehab center was not the best option. So Justin ended up in her house.

As the animal grew up, the instincts of the wild nature began to appear in it. We all know that beavers love to build river dams and protect their houses from flooding. That’s what the fluffy pet did.

Not finding branches in the house of the hostess, he decided to construct his home using everything that falls under his fluffy paw.

They were used sandals, toys, sports equipment, clothes and even a carpet that lay at the door . The little thief worked laboriously , appropriating the things he needed.

“At first I couldn’t understand what the beaver was doing, but soon I realized that he was building a dam!” Bridget says with a laugh. — «It’s instinct, and he just needs to drag everything that lies!»

Furry Disaster

In addition to the love of construction, Justin simply loves to swim, and the hostess does not deny him this pleasure.

Especially for the pet, she takes a bath with water, where the rodent swims with pleasure no less than 4-5 times a day.

The first time the kid stayed in the impromptu «pond» for only a few minutes, because he was a little afraid of unusual conditions for him. Now the beaver swims happily, and then holds its paws to the owner — they say, pull it out!

The rodent’s favorite delicacy is sweet potatoes, and he loves to sleep on a blanket, which he sometimes chews.

And the fluffy pet makes funny sounds, by which the woman understands that he is asking for attention.

However, no matter how cute Justin seems, Bridget admits that he is a real walking disaster.

He tore off the walls, gnawed corners and doors, and the plinth is generally his favorite place, that he diligently eats.

Despite everything, Bridget can’t be angry with him and understands that they will soon have to part. The beaver can’t permanently live in her house and needs its own wild environment.

“We will immediately become quiet!” — says the hostess. “But I know I will miss him.”

Well, we wish Justin to adapt to the new conditions and join the beaver family when he’d be there.

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