Because of the appearance of the cat, no one wants to take it into the family

At first sight at this kitten, the nickname “Vampire” suggests itself, but the shelter staff don’t want to call him that way. The baby hasn’t been able to find a family for a long time. Among the alternative names is Batman, although the baby is too light for him. So far, the baby has remained without a name and the volunteers have no idea how to find a home for him.

Meet an unusual kitten, which, thanks to its unusual ears, is remembered at first sight.

The baby’s ears aren’t just huge, they are also very unusual in shape for these animals. They are especially noticeable in contrast with the small body of a kitten, it seems that all the forces of the body went into making the ears grow, and there were simply no resources left for the rest of the body. In addition, the appearance of the baby spoils the problem with the teeth.

If ordinary Orientals are surprising with their appearance, then this kitten is more likely to scare, especially when he tries to smile.

By nature, he is a calm kitten, kind and sweet, but his appearance, for which he isn’t responsible, spoils the whole impression and doesn’t allow the baby to become part of a loving family.

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