Because of the eye, the cat was brought to the shelter.There is no desire to spend money on treatment

The owners gave the pet to the shelter, saying that it requires a lot of attention. Employees almost immediately realized that the demanding attitude of the animal was nothing more than a pretext, and in fact, people were afraid of an eye infection that the pet suffered from.

The cat was given to the shelter so as not to waste time and money on treatment, and his loud behavior, which the owners complained about, was caused by the constant pain experienced by the animal. One of the eyes was in a state of disrepair, the veterinarians removed it. The cat was named Odin at the shelter.

The employees of the shelter carefully looked after Odin, and over time, one of the workers took him to her for overexposure. The woman could not leave Odin at home, but she was able to find him a new mistress, Alina became her.

Alina felt sorry for Odin, because she knew the story of his life. The girl immediately surrounded the cat with love and care, so the cat fell in love with the new owner very quickly. One quickly got used to the new house, he found his favorite place by the window, where he can watch the birds. Periods of quiet rest for Odin are replaced by times of activity, during which he explores the house. The cat has only one eye, but this does not prevent him from living an active, full life.

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