Bus driver broke the law and took stray dogs to save them from a storm

When it starts to rain, most people rush to the nearest building in search of shelter. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that luxury, especially if they’re homeless. And when a strong storm began, two stray dogs were left in the rain.

The bus driver noticed two trembling dogs. He knew the rules very well, but he could not refuse them to sad dogs. The man only stopped only for them.

He got off the bus, picked up the dogs and put them in his car. For the first time in a long time, two stray dogs were safe and sound.

“They were two very scared little dogs. He never tried to push them away. He talked to them as if they were his own,” one of the passengers said.

The man knew that his job was compicated, but continued to drive with two furry passengers. Everyone on the bus was delighted with his kind people gesture. Many people took photos and shared them on social networks. Unfortunately, this led to the bus company becoming aware of the bus driver’s offense.

As expected, the bus driver’s employer quickly learned the situation. After consideration, they decided that the man would not be punished for this. They explained that although animals are banned on the bus, he did the right thing at that moment.

Despite that the identity of the bus driver was never disclosed, he received so many kind comments on social networks. He proved that anyone can be a hero, all you have to do is follow your heart and do what’s right.

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