By chance, the dachshund began to swell like a balloon and the hostess could not understand the reason

Fran Jenkins thought her pet named Trevor was starting to gain weight. However, a little later, it began to inflate in the literal sense of the word and the miniature dachshund became like a barrel on short legs.

Then the hostess got worried and brought the pet to the veterinary clinic, but even the experts were puzzled, since they noticed such a case for the first time.

Trevor was already breathing hard due to bloating and the vets realized that the problem was quite serious and so they decided to leave the dog at the clinic for a more thorough examination.

It was necessary to find out the reason and the way in which the air entered his body and an additional examination showed that Trevor had damage to the trachea and there was a small hole in it and after each breath the air entered the abdominal region, which caused the bloating.

Veterinarians experienced incredible joy that they managed to solve such a difficult task and they coped with everything. Trevor was operated on and the air was removed from the abdominal cavity.

After all this, the normal size returned to the dog, and when he moved away from the action of painkillers, he began to feel much better and he began to smile in his entire satisfied face.

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