Cat came to the store to eat and then it turned out she was feeding her newborn kittens

This story took place in Oklahoma. Passers-by noticed a stray cat on the street, which was running around with a tin can on its head. The white cat was very frightened and was crying.

An employee of one of the stores carefully removed the jar, but this frightened the cat even more and she ran away.

Store manager Brian Shappard knew about the cat. The man decided to feed the poor animal. He took a treat and went in search. Brian walked around the store and soon found the cat. She was exhausted. The man cautiously approached the cat and fed it. The cat ate everything to the last bite.

No one had seen this cat before near the store, so they decided that she had run away from a neighboring house. But after a couple of days, the cat again looked into the store. After that, Brian decided that he would now take care of the cat.

The man immediately went for a tray, food and a bed for the animal. When he returned, the cat was waiting for him. The man examined the cat, and it turned out that she has kittens, and she feeds them.

Of course, the man didn’t let the kittens stay alone. Now they live in Brian’s house next to their mom.

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