Cat riding a horse go for a walk. The inseparable couple has long been amusing the population

Marina is a professional horse trainer. Somehow her friend brought a kitten as a gift, which she named Simon. Since that time, 5 years have passed and the baby has grown an extremely beautiful blue-eyed cat.

Simon from a young age was distinguished by a friendly and affectionate disposition and requied increased attention. He followed Marina everywhere with his tail, purring and meowing about something of his own.

Marina spent a lot of time at work, training horses, so she took her pet with her to the stable. There the cat was the real master. He had studied the stable up and down and had a fond habit of climbing on horses and walking on them, and the horses received Simon quite friendly.

However, the closest friendship has developed between a cat and a horse with the sonorous name Camellia. When she was taken out for a walk, he sat astride her and perfectly kept his balance.
So, the cat and the horse walked with pleasure through the forest.

The inhabitants said that he resembled a knight driving a horse like an experienced rider. When Simon wanted to go about his business, he would gently tug on Camellia’s mane and she would stop.

She stood and waited for the return of the rider and they continued their march.

Every day the horse looked forward to the arrival of Marina and her cat for a walk. Simon was an incredibly smart cat and a very loyal companion to both Marina and Camellia.

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