Charming foal will help ”revive” horses, becoming the new source of hope for scientists

Explorers and conservationists will be jumping for joy! Recently, a foal named Kurt turned one month old. This is not an ordinary foal, as it was born from a unique genetic material to revive the almost extinct Przewalski’s horses!

This frisky horse is the real hope of scientists!

This is Kurt and he can rightfully be considered the very first foal in the new genus of Przewalski’s horses.

Why is it so important?

Not everyone knows that until the 60s of the last century, Przewalski’s horses practically disappeared. Of course, in this case, it could not have been done without the help of people. Only a few individuals remained, but they lived in zoos.

Humans, of course, stimulated their reproduction, but due to the lack of genetic diversity, only related individuals could be crossed, and this threatened with degeneration.

This year, after almost 40 years, scientists got down to business. They remade the embryo and transplanted it into a normal horse. She carried the baby and Kurt was born.

He is an exact copy of Kuporovich and when he gets a little older, he will be the most popular male among representatives of this species. Thus, scientists are trying to recreate the species and grow as many individuals of this species as possible.

This is a great example of the fact that humanity has already gone quite far because, after decades, we can revive extinct species of animals. And it’s not just about horses.

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