Circus elephant captured for 53 years finally reunited with her sisters

The moment when the rescued elephant is finally reunited with her best friends will move you to tears. For over 50 years three elephants have been forced to perform in front of an audience in a circus in India.

Fortunately, all this suffering came to an end and the majestic creature was finally saved. But two of them were taken to the reserve, and the third elephant still remained.

Thanks to the British Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Group, Miya, Sita and Rhea have a chance at a new life. Three elephants have lived in chains for over 50 years as part of a circus.

Now they are all free to roam. But saving them wasn’t easy. It took months of effort until the volunteer was able to bring the three «sisters» to the sanctuary. But while Mia and Website arrived at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center together, Rhea had to leave.She wasn’t sure if she would see them again.

Fortunately, the efforts of the animal rights activists eventually paid off, and after many months of separation Rhea, it’s time to reunite with her companions.

Three elephants aged 45 to 53 have become friends over many years of suffering and their relationship can be called the most sincere friendship.

Finally, after a 3.000-kilometer journey that took almost five days.Rhea found herself next to her «sisters» again and their reunion was too touching.

Now Mia, Sita and Rhea have a chance to enjoy a free happy life, and perhaps most importantly they will never be separated again.

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