Cold water and strong wind didn’t prevent the guy from saving the puppy. Now he has a new friend

The weather in Odessa was terrible.The strong winds and heavy rain battered the city all day. A strong stream of water washed away a small puppy into a pit . The poor fellow had almost no chance to survive, but the animal was lucky.

The guy passing by helped the puppy to salvation.He guy took a big risk when he noticed an animal in trouble.

In the first minutes, Vladimir didn’t see the puppy but only heard a characteristic squeak. Looking closely at the dirty water, the guy noticed the baby and immediately rushed to his help.

Vladimir went into the cold water and pulled out the puppy. The kid was in a very bad condition, so the guy called a friend and according to his instructions found on the Internet,he provided the animal with the help it needed for drowning.

Fortunately, the dog simply swallowed water and recovered very quickly.

It turned out that Vladimir’s father is a rescuer and the guy himself has a sincere love for animals.

Vladimir already takes care of 4 cats, the same number of dogs and three rodents, and now he has another puppy, who was named Lucky.

Vladimir was presented a state award for courage and mercy towards animals,but according to his boyfriend, finding a new friend is more important for him than any titles.

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