Crazy cockatoo laughs like a villain and chases family for fun

Molly, a beautiful white cockatoo, lived with her loving family. The bird’s mom, Betty, her dad, and older brother loved to play hide and seek with the bird. They would hid and hear the cockatoo pitter-pattering around looking for them.

When Molly saw her family members, she would laugh like an evil villain and chase them. This became a fun game for all of them.

Molly had a great personality. Betty thought she was the life of the party and made everyone’s day fun. She would sing for them and loved to be the center of attention. Molly could speak a few human words, such as “Hello” and “What.”

When Molly arrived at her new home, she was not very friendly. She did not believe in people. However, the bird immediately fell in love with Betty’s son and trusted him. The teenager could choose the cockatoo.

The bird was not afraid of the young boy at all. She had a list of favorite songs that her loved one would play and sing. The teenager could flip the cockatoo on her back which showed how much the bird trusted him.

Betty’s son helped the whole family find Molly’s softer side. She would snuggle with the teenage boy, and if he was home, she found out about it. Molly would keep on calling for him.

Betty was happy that Molly instantly connected with her son. The family had integrated several things into the bird’s life. They would take her in the car when they went to get food and on their daily hikes.

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