“Daddy, can I have a puppy?” The girl wrote a message on the newspaper that touched the entire Internet!

How can a child persuade his parents to shelter a dog? Innocent cunning is indispensable here.

The little girl begged for a puppy from her father for a long time, but he refused. Desperate, the child wrote a message to his father on his favorite newspaper, which he reads every day.

What happened next was unpredictable!

So the girl wrote a cute letter on the newspaper: “Daddy, can I have a puppy, please? The real one?!”

The girl’s father, economic writer Brendan Greeley, laughed and posted the photo on the Internet.

“After studying my habits and hobbies, daughter hacked my attention this morning for her political agenda,” the dad wrote.

The post went viral almost instantly! He got more than 190 thousand likes and about 40 thousand comments. But most importantly, it attracted the attention of the famous writer JK Rowling! She posted a repost on her page.

Of course, such a touching act of the child and his desire to have a puppy could not go unnoticed. The girl’s parents argued for a long time whether to take a new pet into the house, since they already had a ten-year-old Labrador.

And yet, at the family decided to take a puppy!

Do you know what it was called? That’s right, Rowling!

And the funny thing is that the enterprising girl was even offered a job in one of the Advertising agencies. But the girl’s dad said that for starters, the child must learn to make the bed in the morning, and only then it will be seen!

However, the main thing is that the goal has been achieved and the baby now has a puppy!

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