Diver Ian Young and Beluga Whale Milan

Remembering amazing stories about land animals that touch your soul, how can you not remember those who live in the depths of the seas and oceans?

This story took place in the famous Harbin Polar Aquarium, in the city of Harbin, in southern China.

The participants of the show had to dive to a depth of several meters, where they had to spend some time with toothed whales beluga whales. This is an unsafe event, given the fact that the mouths of predatory beluga whales are littered with sharp teeth.

A certain Yang Yan a 26-year-old girl just touched the bottom, when she suddenly felt a cramp in her leg. Despite the fact that Young is an experienced diver she panicked. She began to choke as she sank lower and lower to the bottom of the huge pool.

Suddenly, the girl felt some kind of force grab her by the leg and start to push her up. This saving power turned out to be a white whale named Mila, who, seeing that something was wrong with Yang, rushed to help the drowning girl.

The organizers of the show really didn’t have time to understand anything. Later when they recalled everything that happened, they said that they were shocked to see a white whale on the surface of the pool, with Yang’s leg clamped in its mouth.

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